12 comments on “The Thrift store and hand me down clothes

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  3. Kaitlyn and I read your blog. She really liked it. She said it made her understand how other kids might feel. One of her best friends lives in Santa Maria but is from Mexico.

  4. I have heard this story TONS of times, and I have to say it is probably the saddest stories ever. Even worse than having your baby penguin get stolen from a hawk. Well, maybe not… 😉

  5. Not having the right clothes was definitely a stressful thing for me as a kid. And I have some pretty bad memories as a result. However, I’m still not sure that I’m better off in any way for having had terribly untrendy clothes. I do know, though, that when I got to Taiwan and my clothes were suddenly better than everyone else’s, my self-esteem shot up and I started gaining confidence in who I was. So maybe the issue was never my clothes, but how much emphasis I unfortunately put on them.

  6. You have told me this story before but it actually brought tears to my eyes this time! What a wonderful teacher you had. I can only imagine how your mom felt but oh, what a great story =)

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