6 comments on “My very Own Cabbage Patch Doll™

  1. Good job Sarah! The IPad will come…..in time. I Know it can be a constant struggle wanting your kids to have everything you didn’t and yet wanting them to build character. Working for what they want is a wonderful way to learn the value of money. (but then when you have grandkids you just forget everything you ever learned :} Just kidding) You know Sarah and Rachel did not have a cabbage patch doll either….at least I do not remember getting them one. I thought it was ridiculous to stand in line for such a long time for an expensive doll. Mary Eastman

  2. I agree with your decision over the ipad; just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Jennifer’s first cabbage patch was a homemade one that her great grandmother made and she loved it dearly. Smiles!

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