8 comments on “Square Bottom Bags (It’s a class system)

  1. i love reading your blog! though it’s a positive thing we didn’t know each other in childhood or high school, i still love knowing this stuff or hearing it again! this one strikes me as really funny, though, because the only bags i really wanted in jr. high and high school were all plastic!! i remember carrying my gym stuff in my esprit plastic shopping bag that could be slung on your shoulder (i took ridiculous care of those throw aways!!)… it is strange what we all cherished!

  2. When I was young all the groceries were bagged in paper bags with no handles and I remember how they were always ripping. I thought the plastic bag was so ingenious, right about the time you were wishing you had paper. LOL The best really is a paper bag placed inside a plastic bag; my favorite.

  3. I get that! I agree with Lauren in my world i felt the ones who had the talent were the “chosen or better ones”. Its amazing insecurity comes in all shapes and sizes.

  4. I have been waiting for this one! It’s funny how as kids/teenagers, we make up social classes. For you it was square bottom bags, for me it was talent- I had none (not outward at least like dancing, singing, or sports) and I thought people who did were somehow better. You and I would have been quite a pair =)

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