12 comments on “Spanish versus French

  1. So, I’m catching up on blogs, and you’ve probably already finished this discussion, but French is totally stupid. I took 2 years in hs, and know nothing. I took 9 weeks of spanish in jr. high and know more spanish simply because that is what is more common. Spanish will aide her much more in life … IF she actually learns it. If she doesn’t she’ll be no better our worse off than if she learned French. Good luck. 🙂

  2. My youngest wants to take German (which is a possibility now) or French if she can’t take German. I tried the same arguments that you did, but I decided to let her learn the language that interests her.
    Good luck….Kirsten.

  3. So I know everyone is saying “take Spanish! You’ll use it someday!!” but you totally don’t see MY point of view…if I don’t want to learn it, I won’t actually care about it and then I won’t even learn it. I WANT to learn French, and I probably will learn something and enjoy it! And Ps: I don’t even like Mexican food so I doubt I’ll like learning Spanish.

    Mom-I can almost guarantee that Daniel will take Spanish so why do you need both of your kids to take Spanish?

  4. French is definitely a bad idea. But… is it likely she will actually learn any Spanish? I mean, you took 3 years in high school and had plenty of Spanish help accessible and yet… Of course, you are not by any means alone in that scenario. I lived in a Mandarin-speaking country, took Mandarin for 2 years in high school, and yet was never really motivated to focus on learning it until I grew up a little more. So I guess my question… is it worth the battle? I mean, I agree with you completely, but if she hates learning it, will she really? But again, French is even more useless than poorly learned Spanish!

    Also… I don’t think you mean South America. 🙂

  5. I feel the same way. My oldest wants to take French, it romantic but useless. Koren, Mandarin or Vietnamese can be handy second language here in South CA. There have been many positions I was not qualified for because I do not have the skill of speaking Spanish. Stick to your guns. We will be telling the girls the same thing if the topic ever comes up.

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