7 comments on “That red strip (on YOUR Driver’s licenses)

  1. I also never had a red strip or just a profile picture or the other random things States do to differentiate between the older and younger drivers. However, since (at least in NC) you also don’t need to take driver’s ed if you get your license after 18, I never really learned to drive. I mean, my dad taught me enough to pass the test, but I just never got a lot of practice. Until I went to college and got a job washing cars for campus safety. I pretty much learned to drive by driving around the school’s fleet of 15 passenger vans and Ford Tarsuses. Good times.

  2. Love this week’s blog. Reminded me how our husbands will teach us such great lessons if we are willing to open our hearts and learn…even driving! I think you have taught Josh a thing or two, as well. Just so you know, I remember teaching him how to drive in my blue Camry. I can’t remember if I had him parallel park but I definitely remember going over “braking.” Joe and Jerry were in the back seat making fun of him. Good memories 🙂

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