18 comments on “Washington D.C. (it’s Educational)

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  3. Wow. I didn’t read this untill now…(a week after it was posted) and I have a few remarks.
    1. Thank you everybody! I am glad you are all in agreement with me.
    2. I do have to pay a little bit of the deposit. not the whole thing.
    3. I never would have thought that my parents would provide SPENDING money. That has always been the case for me.
    3b. I probably won’t even spend my spending money, apart from a few bucks for a keychain or something. I HATE spending my own money! After vacation, usually I have basically everything I started out with, even though I brought tons of money. 😉

  4. I remember how hard it was for me to let Jennifer go. One, we really didn’t have the money, we made monthly payments. Two, she was my baby girl going so far away without us. I remember her calling and crying because she wanted to come home. So it definitely was a growing experience for us both. It was a lot easier letting David go, even though I was still concerned about his safety or the trouble David tends to get himself into. When Maxx went, Jennifer went along as a chaperon and they both loved it. Maxx didn’t seem to mind that his sister was going, I think he actually liked it. It was funny because at first the kids didn’t know who she was and thought she was just another 8th grader and was showing their true colors. Jennifer was shocked and dismayed. LOL! You will have lots to talk about when she gets home. PS Sending Jen in the 8th grade made it easier to send her to Europe in the 11th grade with her Honors European history class. Then it made it easier to send her off to college, then marriage. Don’t Blink!

    • I wanted to “unapprove” your comment based on the “don’t blink” part. but this isn’t like facebook. ha ha. 🙂 I sincerely doubt I would let her go OUT OF THE COUNTRY on a school trip. Seriously? yikes. I can’t even bring my mind to think about it. I guess this is a little easier because it’s “only” national.

  5. I agree with the majority of course 😉 I think she deserves it completely. She works her butt off in school and excells – if she was a pill – then i would say she has to earn it. But I agree with Pam on this one – she HAS definitely earned it. I also agree with her taking her own spending money – for sure. I went on the trip – I remember lots about it – and treasure the fact that I was able to go. I know she’ll do the same. She is SUPER excited about it and values it.

  6. Well… sorry to disappoint, but I’m in agreement with all here. When Hope was due to go to Washington DC, 9/11 happened. All trips were cancelled for 2 years. She was extremely disappointed. However, when it came to camps, mission trips… she had to work all the service days to get it partially paid. She felt good that she worked for the priviledge to go. 🙂

  7. Well, you know I am more hard than soft. 🙂 What about a compromise of some sort… Make her earn/pay the $400 and put it in her savings account. Or college fund. Or use it to buy her first car. Basically, make her put forth the effort now, but then return that effort to her later. And don’t tell her. Unless she reads this comment first… 🙂

  8. When I was in 8th grade, my folks sent me and my dad (which was really nice having a parent along, especially since he was in a room with boys, and i was in a girl room… close, but not too close!) on our school’s East Coast Trip. I have no clue how much the trip cost, but i know my folks scrimped and saved for it. I remember that I had to provide all “spending” money for the trip. Of course, grandparents helped a little for that, but most of it came out of my allowance, or extra work i did around the house. I don’t remember EVERYTHING from the trip, and wish i could go back again and see some of the sights, but there are some things that are firmly planted in my mind… such as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (which, by the way, i was chosen as the “girl” from my bus to lay the wreath on it!) and the Vietnam Memorial. I vote to let her go, and let it be a “gift” trip!

    • So Kirsten REALLY REALLY wants to lay the wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier too. I think she has to write a winning essay for that priviledge. I love your idea about making her use her own spending money….it’s fair, I suppose – Clearly, I am in the minority….:)

      • I laid the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier (the y did it by raffle) I think she should have to make her own spending money. What about you and your husband and her sitting down and asking what extra chores she thinks she should do to help with the cost maybe she can think of a unique way to contribute.

  9. So, if I remember correctly the school does fund raisers too. Is she willing to do that? I’m sure she is. I sent my kids and I know it was a growing experience for them as well as for me. (You know what I mean, the whole beginning of letting go.) Also, has she earned the right to go; I’m sure she has. She makes good grades, does her chores, is respectful, right? So, it is a blessing that you can afford to send her so that she gets to experience this trip at this time in her life. Send her with the knowledge that it is a privilege to get to go and for her to make the most of this time.

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