9 comments on “Halloween Costumes from the Grocery Store (Alpha Beta, of course!)

  1. I was a cat or an angel most years. A black leotard and tights, pantyhose stuffed with newspaper for the tail, a headband with felt ears glued on and my moms black eyeliner for whiskers. I was pretty cute. 🙂 My daughter went as Hermione from Harry Potter last year and her costume cost me a about $8. We bought a black dress and a tie at Goodwill, I made her a scarf out of yellow and red felt and we picked up a stick out of the yard for a wand. 🙂 I do remember all of those costumes with the masks though…you could hardly breathe. I bet you could make a rockin Wonderwoman costume though! 🙂

    • what ingenuity! this year my daughter is going as a dalmatian…she and about 8 friends (+1 Cruella Deville). They got white t’s and pants and had a gluing party at my house where they attached hundreds of felt spots….We tried to get her to coordinate it with 100 other people but it was just too ambitious I guess. Wouldn’t that have been EPIC! it would go down in history at the school! Haha….

  2. We were definitely a homemade costume family – for better or worse. It definitely hit a high (or low) point when, in the third grade, my dad and I made a paper mache toilet costume out of newspaper and chicken wire. Yeah, you wish you were me.

  3. haha…most of my costumes were from savers! This year, I decided to go the “group od friends costume” route. Good choice.

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