8 comments on “Dad’s Goulash and the Giant Pancake (sounds like a title to a great adventure)

    • LOL! I was just talking to dad about this and he strongly denies ever putting oregano in the pancake batter!!! Funny~ I have no memory at all of oregano being a character in the Aguirre household…..I must have blocked it for some reason….but why?! (duhn – duhn – Duuuuhhnnnnnn!) 😉

  1. Lots of memories in this one! You should ask Pete about how he feels about the “goulash” I think he has a love hate relationship with it. Don’t you remember the “OREGANO” wars regarding this dish? Your dad had a thing for oregano and always used as much as he could get away with. (after much bickering). As for the giant pancake, I think everyone can relate to the “from the pan to the trash” routine. That is standard operating procedure for pancakes. Great post!

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