8 comments on “Christmas gifts (it’s the thought that counts)

  1. I’m loving learn more and more about you each week! I think you’ve done a good with your kids in having them spend the most on each other. I remember how excited D was to give K her Kindle…it was the sweetest thing.

  2. You will love what Daniel got for you yesterday. He was so excited when he saw it and told me he thought you would really love it. He said if I would buy it for him he would pay me back. Sure enough he found something that was on sale and with tax it was only $3.66. He wrapped it at my house and when I took him home, he went into his piggy bank and counted out the $3.66 and gave it to me. It was so cute! I know you will love opening it on Christmas morning.

  3. In my family we draw names amongst the adults and it’s a 20 dollar gift. Is a big help. I relate to you that for me it’s also the thought that counts. Merry Christmas !

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