8 comments on “Family vacations (the Arizona Trip that never was)

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  3. One of my most memorable trips was when our van broke down TWICE in Stanley, ID (population 72 – including cows). Or maybe it was when the sliding door of the van FELL OFF in Arches National Park… or when I sprained my ankle falling off a small cliff outside of John Marshall’s cabin (at the START of a 3 week road trip)… sorry, not my blog. I’m done now.

  4. There were ten of us kids, needless to say we did not vacations either, except for that one special spring…It was off to North Dakota to visit my moms family, one car and a truck with a camper on the back. I was ten and it was the best vacation I ever had.

  5. The best thing my parents ever did for me was to take us on vacations to see other parts of the world, including Antigua, Guatemala.

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