8 comments on “Being a teenager (For such a time as this)

  1. Made me cry too… She is a unique and precious girl. I love her so much too. I’m so proud of you and your mad mothering skills!

  2. Now that I have filled a couple of kleenexes maybe I can get some words out. My heart goes out to “Mrs. Nurse” and maybe tomorrow or Thursday the kids and I can take over something to eat and also just to let her know I am praying for her. So sad.

    What words bring comfort when you hear this kinds of news? It seems like death has been all around me, but it continually reminds me this is my temporary home. I know Kirsten and “you know who” will more than likely grow even closer and Kirsten will always remember this special relationship. Our Christmas gifts reflect that already. I never take my relationship with K & D for granted and I know this is the case for Mrs. Nurse. I pray that God continues to grow K’s heart with love and sensitivity. May God use K to bring comfort to a very special neighbor.

  3. I’m TOTALLY crying like a baby. AH I love that girl like crazy – she is using her talents to love others and that is HUGE. I so pray my (maybe someday) daughter shares some of her great qualities.

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