4 comments on “Going to Prom (a pricey institution)

  1. You never get to realize how much people are generous until you need it. Also, they have to know you need it. I had blessed people like that pop up in my life, and we try to be those people you can rely on as well. It is ok to need gererosity. What comes around goes around.

    • you are so right. I had a church member tell me how much his family needed (and received) assistance from folks in his old church and how appreciative (albeit humbled) he was by the experience. And now he finds himself in a position where he can be a blessing to others on the “other side” of generosity. thanks for sharing.

  2. A pricey institution is right. My daughter is graduating this year – every announcement for a senior party is quickly snatched up with “I’m going”. I must be the meanest mom ever because she isn’t going to all. Bank loans are required practically!! I did make an exception on the prom. I’m flying her brother out from TX to escort her to the prom…….now to get the dress made in a week and a half!!!

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