20 comments on “Ode to the onion in my hamburger

  1. I can’t say I understand having a hatred of any food but when I think of eating the dead flesh of another living being it might be similar…speaking as a vegetarian & all….

  2. Send K here for a month… she can go to school with Josiah and receive the dirty looks the teachers give when she refuses to eat stuff plus the peer pressure from Chinese 3-year-olds and report cards that say “bad” in the category of wasting food… that’ll fix her! 🙂 Just kidding, it hasn’t quite fixed Josiah. But we are seeing progress!

  3. Back then Mc Donalds hamburgers always came with onions. No option at that time to say hold the onions. That’s why Burger King came up with the slogan “Have it your way”. Even now if you ask for any variations to mcD’s menu the person at the counter gives you a pained look and the entire cooking process grinds to a halt. Then the people behind you in line begin to give you the stink eye. It’s not pretty.

    • This is why Burger King was always my favorite as a kid. I wanted my hamburgers plain (nothing but meat and bun) and they were much happier and quicker about giving me plain hamburgers!

    • I had a feeling about that. I LOVED when BK came out with the “have it your way” slogan. People can growl at me all they want in line….my burger (with no onion) is always freshly made and hot off the grill. it’s a great argument for the “specialty” order.

  4. I can’t relate to “hating” any food but the idea of eating the flesh of another living being might be close…speaking as a vegetarian and all….

  5. I have two picky eaters and they do get special meals cooked for them, I just cant justify to myself cooking them something that I know I will throw in the trash later. ( after they refuse to even try it)

  6. “… if I take a bite of scrambled eggs that has been cooked with egg, the urge to vomit is unbearable.” Not to be a grammar nazi, but I see nothing wrong with eggs cooked with egg.

  7. My niece was here a month ago and was making spaghetti sauce. She asked where the onion powder was – I didn’t have any, but I did have flakes. She blended the looks away into powder before adding it to the sauce. I just shook my head and went about my business. A guess I know two people now with an adversion to onion. My daughter – eats everything and loves it. My son, as a toddler, lived on chicken nuggets. He loves everything now.

    • you are blessed that your daughter eats and enjoys everything. My son is the same way and it’s a joy to see him venture out with his food choices. He and my hubby LOVE to go out for sushi. D loves raw fish too….just not squid – but at least he tried it first, right?

  8. I’ve always felt the same way about onions, Sarah. Onions are a spice. They were never intended to be eaten raw by the mouthful. I can taste a small scrap of onion on my tongue for days afterwards. Besides that, they give me nuclear meltdown heartburn. I so glad I don’t HAVE to eat onions to survive!

  9. In regards to picky eaters, I thought my kids were bad! When H was younger, it was only hotdogs & mac n’ cheese… that’s it. Now, she’s going semi-vegitarian and not eating red-meat. This causes a problem because J barely eats chicken and no fish. Going to McD’s for J is an adventure in itself. The boy doesn’t like cheese… at all. Unless it’s on a pizza. So, when we go to McD’s, it’s 2 Big Macs, no cheese, no lettuce. So, in my house, it becomes “The Spohn Grill”. Eventually, it’ll be okay… it won’t be my problem, it’ll be their spouses… Good Luck to Them!!!

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