12 comments on “I am pressed but not crushed

  1. Sarah-
    Know that I feel for you and am behind you and Josh 100%. My prayer will be that God works a miracle to His glory and finds this prodigal child. I will also pray for you and the children in this time of struggle. I want to tell you that your response to this has been just awesome and so mature as well as so loving. I wish I could have been in a place to respond in like manner when I was faced with a similar issue. Know that I love you and if you need someone to talk to, or to listen or even just to cry with you I will be there, anytime day or night. Your Mom knows how to reach me. I am so proud of you and love you very much.
    Denise (in SC)

    • Oh Denise –
      I appreciate your encouragement so much. God has really provided wonderful people who have walked a similar path to reach out to me and I am embracing every bit of it. Your prayers are felt as well as your love. I appreciate any support that I suspect you are giving to my mom as well. I know she must be hurting for all of us but I think she feels like she has to be strong for my sake. :-/ thank you for your continued prayers for Josh. It is going to take an incredible miracle to bring him back in a prodigal way but I believe! Love to you all

  2. You are an educated woman, who has our LORD to cast your burdens upon. I know your honesty in your posts are helping all kinds of people. We all have struggles, they may not be the same as what you are going through, but the way you are handling this time in your life can be applied in so many ways and it should be. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Sarah,
    You did nothing wrong, how could you have.. Your a beautiful, smart, accomplished lady, who has in my opion, never turned down the responsability to try on a new hat. You’ve always been a supportive parent and spouce and a friend to everyone that knows you. It’s hard to prepare for something that isn’t in your face clear. You made choices at work to not be so involved at work ( like being more available during the hoilidays, more time at home for your family) instead of being so involved in special events ( Living nativity ) that took up a lot of your time. Josh (I’m sorry to say) is a fool to choose another from you. Your an awesome catch and we all know it. keep the faith, say your prayers, be a great mom. In closing I’ll just say ” Pure Poetry”, you know what I mean.

    • oh Mark. You know, I didn’t even think about how I had shifted jobs to be home more. that was a good reminder for me and I’m glad your shared it. thanks for the encouragement. Now, we must pray…and pray and pray and pray.

  4. I’ve sat in front of this screen for several minutes now, awash in a myriad of feelings including sadness at what you are experiencing but also incredible amounts of admiration at your strength and fortitude. (I am certain you are hearing that a lot these days.) As you may remember, I was nearly engaged to a man who, as it turned out, had been intimate with several men during our 18-month relationship. While my surprise to discover this at the time was only a miniscule fraction of what you must have experienced a week ago, please know that I am praying very specifically for incredible amounts (like ridiculously HUGE amounts) of peace, grace and security in who you are and what God is doing in your life yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    Yes, “Everything for God’s glory, no matter the cost,” I pray with you, my friend.

    • wow, Kelly. I did not know this about your past relationship. Thank you so much for sharing. I love how God has surrounded me with people who have walked down the path and offer support. it gives me insight and peace. thank you for your prayers. I am hoping that this new direction for my blog will be God glorifying and maybe be a little therapy for me (in addition to my actual therapy, of course) :’} love you

  5. There are no words to say how humble you make me feel. Your life brings glory to the Lord.
    I know you know how much you are loved by your friends, your family but most of all by the Lord.
    and Josh is loved too.

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