13 comments on “the Dream

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  5. It’s interesting how, when it IS Him speaking or doing something, it isn’t as huge and momentous as we expect it to be. It’s normal, assuring, right. The more we are around Him doing things, the more we will recognize Him, in us, in others, and the Body becomes more tangible, more obvious. We are in this together, but in the physical world we are used to thinking we are alone. We are designed to have His Spirit networking through us, threading our lives together, through Christ’s purpose, connecting us to God. The Godhead is in this Life together with us, and we are DESIGNED to know it, not be in the dark about it. And LOVE is their purpose! Their grand scheme. The more we get to know Their big picture, the more we see Love weaving through all things, True Love. I am blessed to see your connection with God, what He is doing in you and your family and your church.

    • thank you so much for your encouraging words. You speak a lot of truth and yes, my church has been an incredible support to me and my family. I choose to cling to what is true and Let the Spirit do His work.
      thanks again

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  7. I firmly believe God has been and will continue to guide your steps! Praying you remain full of faith and hope!

  8. I know He speaks to us in dreams , we just have to be awake enought to hear Him.
    You are loved, and you are such a testament
    to trust in the Lord. You honor and glorify Him
    I am praying for you and Josh daily, sometimes hourly
    Love you

    • thanks for sharing with me this morning about the dreams. I know it’s from the Lord but sometimes I think people get suspicious about that kind of communication. I believe. Please do not grow weary in praying for Josh. Love you

  9. Sarah, you are the strongest person I know. I so appreciate and admire how you are handling your situation. I pray for you and especially for Josh every day.

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