12 comments on “Idol Thoughts

  1. Such beautiful and raw words, Sarah. I continue to be amazed by how powerful the Spirit is working in you…and yet, I have seen it from those very first, early hours this all started. It is humbling to watch and in a strange way, I feel so blessed to be a part of it. We love you so deeply and know that my heart is, literally, with you nearly every moment of the day. No question, God is going to do more than we could ever ask or imagine. Praise Him!

  2. My prayers continue. It has been a process in absorbing all of this. I love each one of you – my concern goes especially to the children that they also keep their focus on God the Healer and God the Provider and God the True Father.

  3. God will work on any heart that is open to him and eager for him to work. He is also sensitive to our pain. It is no surprise that you are having such meaningful spiritual experiences right now.

    As for Josh, I doubt there is anything you could have done as a wife to curb his homosexual tendencies. Sometimes the neglect or laziness of a spouse can drive a person into the arms of another, but I cannot imagine that anything you did could drive Josh to something like this. Not like this. I’m sure he had been battling with this thing for years and years before he was finally tempted so strongly that he felt it was worth leaving his family for. I’m sure he feels that he is finally being true to who he really is inside. I’m sure he’s being fed some really bad advice from some new “friends” as well.

    We will be praying that the Holy Spirit can give Josh clarity. I assume that he feels that he has been denying himself for a very long time and is finally free to be himself. The Lord can not only allow him to see that he is still responsible to his family, but that he can be freed from his homosexual desires and be restored to his wife. I feel that, with clarity, Josh needs to humble himself and ask for help rather than for God to just get in there and impose himself. Maybe I’m wrong.

    I’m not sure if you can do anything more for Josh than just to pray for him. In the meantime, you’ll hold your family together, help them get through, and wait on the Lord. And we’ll pray with you. And remember, if you need to get away, you have a room in the Deep South waiting for you.

    • John – your insight into Josh is uncanny. It’s like you are here and you have spoken with him personally. Tho there is absolutely no remorse or humility in Josh….yet….I still have hope. John, I want you to know that I had a bad night last night (which has been rare for me) and some things you have written here, I believe, were ordained an appointed by God to restore me today. Thank you for allowing God to lead you as you reach out in support of me and the kids. And thanks for not hassling me about our scrabble game. :’-} …yet.

  4. I was heartsick when my wife abandoned me, but only truly broken when I realized I had abandoned God. Spouses and children can be as much an idol as possessions and position. Thank you for sharing what must be difficult words. We are praying.

    • thanks Bill. I can’t help but sometimes blame myself for idolizing Josh and “forcing God’s hand” in removing him from life. My brain knows that this is crazy self talk but it’s hard to resist sometimes. You are right, we all idolize people and justify it as something “good” like children and spouses. I knew better. Praise God that I am coming back to Him now and He is working so mightily in my soul. It’s never too late.

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