15 comments on “The Melt-down

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  3. Am indeed praying every day for Josh, you and the rest of your family…my alarm is set for 7:59am each day! Trusting God and His sovereignty! Christianne

    • Thank you so much Christianne. I love how you have set your alarm. You mean business! 🙂 and I want to really say thank you for being such a support to Jenny. You may not know it, but you have been a real answer to prayer. Love to you all! Sarah

  4. Shane and I will be praying for Josh every morning befgore 8am! Thanks for continuing to share your heart. We think & pray for you & your family often.


  5. Yes, count me in! What a wonderful way for us to help! I’ve been trying to pray daily for Josh, you, the kids, both your families and friends, as I’m sure this has affected everyone. It will be good thing to pray with more intentionality. I feel the Lord’s love enveloping you….

  6. I smiled after reading this! God is good and we definitely want to join everyone before 8am! Love you both.

  7. Isn’t our God amazing… We had agreeed to pray as a class every day at 6 am or pm. Some days I’m right there at the right time somedays not but praying everyday for both of you… No all of you. This morning was a late day for me…. I was struggling with how, who, why or if I was even worthy enough .. Which I’m not, but HE is. Long story I was praying for you (collective) and mine just before 8, because HE directed me to pray … And I know there is hope, and there is love. And because HE never gives up on us we can never give up on others. I love you like my own and my heart is breaking for you. Can you feel the love? I know you feel the Lords.

  8. This breaks my heart and then at the same time encourages me. Hang in there sis. You are so loved and so is Josh. Praying for you BOTH. (Another well written post. You are so good.)

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