6 comments on “My Grief Stages

  1. Sarah, as I walked down this path years ago in a similar circumstance my words of love to you are; embrace the grieving process and encourage your children to do the same. Living one day at a time, sometimes 1 hour at a time, etc.

    The LORD will bless you and your children with strength and peace beyond all understanding ~ as needed.

    God bless you continually, Cheryl

  2. Sarah, It’s such a relief for us all to see how optimistic you are in the face of this gut wrenching disaster. I have always known your mother to be made of “stern stuff,” able to withstand incredible pain and difficulty. I should have known that she would pass that quality on to you. Because of your outlook, no matter which way this storm goes, it will be over sooner than later and you will be in the clear again by the grace of God. Till then, it’s one day at a time.

  3. Your foundation is solid and that is good!!!!! A couple of things in your blog resonated with me. First of all, one right thing you are doing is forcing yourself to stay connected. Many consider themselves “half” a person – that is so not true. Count on and rely on those who love you most.

    The other thing that spoke to me is loneliness. Only thing here is focus on what needs to be done and allow yourself to accept help when needed. Trying to be “strong” may close the door to what is really necessary for both the hurt one and the helper. The worker “bees” do what they love to do for a family they dearly love. The gift of accepting helps the giver too!!

    We can always look forward to seeing what God’s overall plan is. Sometimes we have a dose of reality and human-ness that clouds our vision at times. That is totally ok too…… Our individual journies are a little bumpey at times. But we do know our destination.

    • thank you Anita. You are so right about accepting help. That is hard for me in normal circumstances but now, I know I need to accept love of all forms as God directs people to share it with me.

      thank you for your words of encouragement.
      Love you

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