10 comments on “And the Manna keeps rollin’ in

  1. Sarah, surrounding yourself around Godly and spirit filled folks while you listen to the LORD is so very wise for a young mother such as yourself…we love you and walk-alongside-you ~

  2. Love your blog today!! As I told you when the earthquake hit last night…God is still on the throne. Our Heavenly Father who created the heavens and earth is mighty. My friend reminded me, it only takes the size of a mustard seed to have all the true faith we need. All for the glory of God!

  3. You wrote, “God speaks but you must be in His word, you must listen to Godly people and you must pray.” Yes! Amen! That is exactly what God laid on my heart over the weekend…. have made/making changes in my morning schedule to reflect that. Thanks for being bold in your writing.

  4. You definately have a gift of words and pointing others to God’s blessings. Many going thru your journey of mountains and valleys – sometimes one more than the other – become “stuck” on how to portray how they really are feeling. Thank you for your window of transparency into the Sarah we know and love.

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