7 comments on “a humble thank you

  1. When we left our friends and family for Mississippi, spending all of our money with no guarantee of income, leaving our church, culture, and Chipotle behind, we experienced the same outpouring of love that you’re describing. I would never feel right comparing my situation to yours. I still have my wife, and I can connect to my friends over Skype any time. I could even drive three hours to find a Chipotle. But I do resonate with your feeling of gratefulness. I don’t like to accept handouts. My dad pounded that into me at an early age. Barntses are NOT freeloaders. We work hard. We give to OTHERS! But God put us in a situation where we couldn’t make it without the help of others. Though . . . . . I never got a massage out of the deal. Not cool.

    • John, you are a big part of my joy today. thanks for the encouragement…and the lol I did today about the massage. it was just what the doctor ordered. you are a good friend and I appreciate you letting God lead you to reach out to me when you do.
      Love to you all

  2. And Wisconsin! Even though I may not comment, your family is in my thoughts and prayers daily….<3

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