8 comments on ““After silence, that which comes closest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”

  1. The Casting Crowns got me and mark through lots of hard times when keeping track of your blessings seemed hard. My love for music also brought me through the worst times. I hope it brings you comfort and knowledge in him that it all works out for good. Sometimes not our good but his good. It is a hard concept but when you love music as much as you do, surround yourself in music and god will comfort you and bring joy. I am slowly learning that also. The more I hear the better I feel. I will keep on pray’n for you. You can’t do that too much.

  2. Great songs, especially the last line of the second one:
    “Jesus come and break my fear, awake my heart and take my tears.
    Find Your glory even here when the hurt and the healer collide.”

    What a beautiful prayer and a beautiful reality! Our God is Healer!

  3. I’ve been listening to lots of Casting Crown songs since all of this started. Their words (message) are just so great and really are what I’m wanting to say or how I am feeling. The songs I listen to over and over again is “Prayer for a Friend” and “Slow Fade”. It’s all so ironic isn’t it – how we have ALL loved this group so much!?!? Love you!

    • You know what is funny? I’ve never been a big fan of “prayer for a friend” ugh! It shows my normal (old) selfish state…..I’m gonna have to relisten to it. And of course Daniel has been ALL ABOUT “slow fade”. I always loved Casting Crowns but now! They are just beyond incredible!

  4. Both of these songs have helped when i thought life was too hard. I’m sorry i didn’t think of you. Well i did …. I just didn’t think to send either of these to you because … well…. you know all the good music??? sorry… God does speak to us in song…. He speaks to my heart all of the time… as I’m sure He does to you… just sometimes I don’t listen… …. I love you… and am here for you…
    This morning I had the most wonderful time of prayer I have had in a long time… and Josh was part of it… I mean praying for him was. God will be victorios….. love Loretta

    • Thank you for sharing about your wonderful prayer time. It encourages me so much to hear that…and that Josh was a part of it. God is using people in a myriad of ways to tend to me so don’t ever feel guilty when you follow the Lord’s leading. Love you

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