11 comments on “What has to happen for God to get glory?

  1. Wouldn’t God be less glorious if His glory was understandable?

    I heartily echo the words of Theologian David Krake “The story of redemption is better than the story of perfection.” Of course I have to add my own analogy which I might add has nothing to do with my favorite sports team.

    Creation (including us) is designed to reflect God’s glory like a mirror. Our reflecting (giving glory) does not add to or take away from the glory God has because He has all there is and all that is possible to have. Satan never wins. He is a broken, beaten, hateful and dangerous enemy who is unable to turn off the light and so seeks to blacken, smudge or break every mirror he can. Our giving glory lies in our ability to be Godly regardless of circumstance. God does not need a happy ending for His glory to be reflected in his creation.

    However, like it has been pointed out, eventually the circumstances will change and he will defeat Satan…but just because Satan fights against God does not mean that God is fighting Satan. I would like to make an amendment to David’s analogy. The Giants can be Satan but the Dodgers are the church. God is not losing because God is not playing. He is working controlling every aspect of the game on both sides, making sure his will is accomplished. However, his will has nothing to do with the scoreboard but rather with the development (sanctification) of his team. On the field it is all out war and there are great injuries and casualties on every side but nothing that God has not accounted for and allowed. Someday he will enter the game on the Dodgers side to settle the score for all time but now he works to make us more like him through our struggle against a mighty opponent.

    God’s tool of choice for our sanctification is pain. He promises trouble, that people will hate us, that there will be great deception and calamity. But, he promises to be with us, to not give us more than we can bear and to one day wipe every tear away. Even from Hong Kong I can see a lot of light reflecting from you during this time. He is getting His glory.

  2. Hey Sarah, I can’t even imagine the struggle you and your family are dealing with, but all I can offer is words of hope in the real world. I had mentioned before we had a friend who had a extramarital homosexual affair that did hurt the family, but the brother came back to Christ, and we’re helping to make sure his oath and heartfelt repentance stays on course. Beyond that, this weekend we had an “I am not ashamed” baptism service (89 baptisms, 21 new professions of faith) and one of the testimonies was from a 20 year old. His story was that his Mom was attending a gay friendly church and she was living a lesbian relationship. He and his older brother did not know what to do, how could he show her the true living Christ and not this false christ being touted by this church, that was not only gay friendly but were teaching that Jesus was probably gay himself. His testimony was that the task seemed near impossible, just talking to his mom was hard enough, but defining the true Christ vs. the false christ pushed at her made things that much more difficult.
    His answer was a lot of prayer, alot of sharing his burden for even more prayer which involved a direction to penetrate this false sense of who Jesus was and who the true Christ is. That day came, it was the opening he and his brother and many others had prayed for, she came to collect the boys from youth camp and she saw the baptisms taking place there, and that they were not just baptizing kids, but adults as well. This started a question which grew into a conversation and finally it struck home, she now knew what was right and not right and repented that night and right there.
    I think the point is, things will happen in Gods time, even though our prayers may seem to be un-eventful or wastes of time by the results before us, He has an appointed time for them. Like the events listed above, we could not reach or contact our friend who left the church for over a year, he was out of sight and would not return our calls or emails, but after a year of continuing to pray for some one we could not see, or did not know his circumstance, he did return. Or the mom who had a nicely packaged false god keeping her in her delusion, her boys kept her in prayer and were asking God to give them that opening, “Open the doors and open them wide!” “Prepare the moment and prepare us for that moment” and at a place no one could predict, that moment arrived.
    But I would have to say the boys and the youth director (way to go Kent) through their prayers and their hearts seeking Gods timing, they were prepared.
    I believe you are doing these things, I believe your heart is seeking God’s will and not your own, well at least not selfishly your own. There is hope, these things have happened in the real world, right before our eyes. They have happened to people who know who the true living Christ is, but for a moment have turned from Him. There is hope, always, it may seem slim to us but when that hope seems to diminish Sarah, that is when you lean on those around you, you are not alone in this, let those around you carry you when you need to, and when you are strong and eager for the fight your determination and courage will help those with you in this.
    I hope these accounts listed above can be of some sort of help.

    • Glenn – your testimonies are pretty incredible and yet….a year?!?!? I am so fearful of what horribleness can be accomplished in a year’s time…how much more damage is possible for all of us involved. But you are absolutely right. God’s timing is going to play out. I worry that my faith will stop short. Life will go on. How do I keep a fervent prayer life? how do I continue to have faith 300 days, 600 days, 1000 days from now?! Lord, give me strength! I appreciate your counsel to let others help me. it has worked so far, I hope I don’t get so prideful to stop realizing my need for that!
      thanks so much for your continued prayers and thorough encouragement through real-life experiences. Love to you all

  3. These are tough questions. But to simplify it a bit (a least how it was simplified in my mind a few years back when I was grappling with all of this during my sisters cancer and Dads cancer/death), is this. It’s not about you, or this circumstance or even Josh. It’s about your reaction to all of this. If your reaction is one of faith, love, hope, joy, trust then it has brought God glory, and Satan has not won (nor will he win). If your reaction turns to one of hate, revenge, distrust, independence then Satan has won…at least for right now. I also find it helpful to look at the big picture (like David was saying), we know the end. No matter the details of this circumstance or how it plays out, God WILL get the Glory! It’s our job to trust and obey. Easier said than done. You and Josh are loved deeply, not only by your friends and family but by your Creator. Praying, praying, praying, dear friend.

    • it is helpful to hear your heart since I know you, too, have walked through fire and come out the other side. It’s still so fresh and deep for me. My mind is whirling with thoughts about me, josh, K, D, God, my reaction, my future….the list goes on and on really. :-/ I DON”T WANT SATAN TO GET ONE LICK OF PLEASURE FROM ANY OF THIS!!!!
      (Sigh) Love to you all

  4. Let me just say that your blog posts (as well as David’s response to today’s post) are evidences of how God is getting glory. God is obviously carrying you through your days and you can’t help but share that. You’ve been an encouragement to me and, I’m sure, countless others. Thank you for speaking honestly and sharing how the Lord is working in your heart. I love you, your sweet kids, and I’ll continue to pray.

  5. Imagine if God and Satan were baseball teams. God would be the Dodgers, and, of course, Satan would be the Giants. Assuming the Giants hold on to their 8-1 lead tonight, the Dodgers will be 2 1/2 games behind the Giants in the standings. Now, assume we knew, beyond a doubt, that, in the end, the Dodgers would win the pennant. We could then not be too discouraged by the Dodgers’ current deficit, because we know how this story ends. However, this analogy is inherently flawed, and that’s why I use it. In baseball, both the Dodgers and the Giants agree that the Giants are in the lead by 2 1/2 games. In the spiritual world, only Satan believes that he is winning. The thing is, any time that Satan “wins” is only when God allows him to “win”. If we believe God is sovereign, then we also believe that NOTHING happens in our lives that God not only knows about, but also allows to happen. So, Satan may think he’s winning, but it’s only because God is letting him “win”.

    And why would God let him “win”?

    God only lets Satan win because it means that, in the end, it means God gets more glory. There are so many times when we face heartache and defeat at the hands of Satan, and we ask God what the whole point is. It’s at that time that we have to believe that the story of redemption is better than the story of perfection. We have to believe that God gets more glory through loving and sacrificing Himself for our broken, sinful lives than He would had we just been perfect from the start. Isn’t one of the greatest loves that we can see the love of a parent for a special needs child? When a mentally and physically capable parent chooses to love a mentally and physically incapable child, one who could never approximate or repay even one iota of what has been given to them, we see a small glimpse of God’s love for us.

    And part of the way God loves us is that He doesn’t need us, but He wants us.

    You’re right, it is crazy to think that you, or anyone else, can participate in God’s glory, and that’s exactly why He does it that way. When we participate in giving God glory, His glory resounds all around us, and we ourselves become vessels for His glory. Of course, God could change hearts and meet needs without us, but how much better is it that He holds our hands and teaches us how to give Himself glory, so that He might present the greatest good (Himself), magnified for all the world to see.

    So, what does all of that mean for you, my dear friend?

    I don’t really know. I guess it means that, in and through all of the tears, anger, and depression that we all have faced that life is actually better now than it was a few months ago. That, because God is sovereign, and because He loves us, all that has happened is truly the best thing that could happen. You know I don’t say that glibly, nor as someone who isn’t deep in this thing with you. I say it as some who has hurt before, and is hurting now, but who has seen God’s faithfulness in the most challenging times, and, in all honesty, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m praying for you and your family – all the time, even!

    • thanks for indulging me with a lengthy response. I got a little feedback from Mr. Clifton….I’ll send you some of it. He kinda picks up your baseball analogy with a twist (or should I say “curve”?) 😉 I am having a difficult time accepting that things are better now than they were a few months ago but I trust that God allowed this for a purpose so….thank you, Lord.

  6. God gets the glory when we give Him thanks….regardless of the circumstances….especially when life is the most difficult….in Luke 22:17, Jesus gave thanks with His disciples the very night He was about to be betrayed….and He knew what was ahead! Wow! We can all find something for which to be thankful, so that He does indeed get the glory. I’m praying for you, Sarah!

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