16 comments on “Zero Eight Two Eight

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  2. You are right. God does not know time. I have learned in the past 4 yrs that our time is nothing like his time. It takes a lot of faith and patience. Two things he wanted me to work on as well because I like my environment controlled too, but large trials came my way. Know in your heart the best of things will happen in the future. Rely on the lord and yourself. Everything else will fall into place. It is his plan for us to be the best we can be and ultimately happy. Follow those open doors. You have great talent, faith, and energy that he wants to use in his way. It may not be what we wanted origionally, but we can’t see the blessings down the road. It is a marathon not a sprint.

    • thank you Jennifer. you are so right. this isn’t what I wanted originally and I am on the hunt for blessings….which come but…not like I think I want them to …I can’t wait for the day when I can look back and see with God’s eyes, why this happened this way.

  3. As much as we want to know the ending, and have the hard stuff be OVER, God reminds us that it is about the journey and how we cling to Him in the valleys. And you, my friend, are clinging to Him in such an admirable way. Thank you for your vulnerability and your honesty. I am so blessed by your heart each day and despite all of the agonizingly difficult things, God is doing GREAT things and using you in GREAT ways. I see this as a promise that He will continue to uphold you and bless you in ways that you cannot even begin to imagine. Trust Him, and He will make your paths straight.

    • can I just say that I am so tired of the valley?!?! and I feel like I’m in the stinkin’ desert….no hilltop in sight. 😦 I just want God to answer my selfish prayers!!!!…

      sorry for the rant (Lord, forgive me) Thank you for your friendship and your constant encouragement.

  4. God is already and the finished line and knows how and where our journey will end. Many of our questions now, will be answered then – we simply live and trust and give praise that He is in control. You have many of us who walk on this journey with you Sarah and, yes, some of us know personally of that journey.

    • (Sigh) I am so sorry to think of the millions of people who forged this path before me. It is so painful and awful! I am so ready for this to be over. I hate not knowing when it will end but your encouragement that God is already there is a beautiful image. thank you for your constant faith and hope. Love you!

  5. Sarah, I agree 100% with Jennadawn, your wedding dress and train are seriously fabulous! Today, and in the days ahead, THE LORD IS YOUR PROVIDER AND PROTECTOR of your every need. Lean on HIM as you never have before. Genesis 22:14. The church family will bless and care for you until Josh returns to the LORD. Humbly, I share from my heart having walked in your path.

  6. coming from a girl who always pays attention to dates and values special ones – I can’t imagine the “yucky” feeling today and tomorrow hold for you. hang in there – you are so valued and loved – love you!

  7. I have seen God to amazing things in restoring marriages ❤ if you ever need me, you know where to find me, dear old friend 🙂 Praying for you over here in TN……. 🙂

      • it’s like she wrote it just for me!!!! does everyone feel like that?! and can I also say that you are such a bright light for the kingdom on facebook?!? I try to be positive and Godly in everything I post but you are just such a pro! You really reflect God’s glory like nobody’s business. I want to be just like you. Seriously, sometimes I wish we went to the same church! I bet you never knew that I thought that highly of you and that often of you, 🙂

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