10 comments on “The Fog

  1. Great picture! She is sure a beauty on that field. You have K and D as anchors in this wild storm in life with all the waves and “earthquakes” the Devil sends our way. God bless you!, Still praying for you. d

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  3. This one made my cry. Your kids are stinking amazing and as you put it – such a blessing. They are also so blessed to have you as their parent. Thank you for being their great mom! Blessings overflow!

  4. Love that God is giving you the prospective of knowing it is a blessing to have this time with your children. I remember days pulling into dad and mom’s driveway feeling overwhelmed by what needed to be accomplished for the day. Then having the prospective of losing John, I was reminded it was a privilege to help my dad and mom knowing they are not always going to be here. Some of our life experiences can be overwhelming at times, but when we change our thought process to be more in line with God, it makes all the difference we need. Love you.

    • yeah. that experiences of wanting to be bitter and feeling justified in it, really happened but just before I posted, I paused momentarily and thought better. it crazy how just waiting for a few seconds can make the difference in perspective. Such and important lesson…and apparently, it transcends lots of situations. thanks for sharing.

  5. Well written, girly girl!

    From the road I walked ahead of you (not by choice), the FOG will lift as necessary. As you relax, the stress of the shock will wear off. What will appear, the blessings of walking in the LORD’s obedience.

    HE promises HE WILL ALWAYS PROVIDE as we give him our all, Genesis 22:14. One foot in front of the other while your children follow you/LORD.

    Over the years, one benefit the LORD provided my son and I was (and still is today) a STRONGER and unbreakable FAITH IN HIM AND IN OUR WALK. Fewer issues which life throws at us feel overwhelming. We can stay focused, managing disappointment and allow no time for bitterness in our hearts (okay a few minutes of bitterness/anger) but not life altering.

    Sarah, you are so very wise in your young years. You are a wonderful mother and right now, that is what counts most.

    In HIS humble service, love you. Cheryl

    • I love how you bring it back to faith. I don’t think I’ve really considered the blessing that faith is in and of itself – Instead I think that because of faith, life has been easier…hmmmm..definitely something worth considering. I guess I’m wise but not as wise as those who have gone before me. thank you!

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