About Me (Not “About this Blog”)

My name is Sarah (Aguirre) Graham. I grew up in a poor but happy, God-loving home in La Habra California. My younger brother was my best friend and worst enemy growing up. I guess that’s what happens when you spend every free moment with someone. My sister came along when I was 7 and the age difference practically made her an only child. My folks divorced when I was a sophomore in High school and my siblings and I lived with our mom. I believe that children are undoubtedly affected by divorce at all ages but being the oldest, I got 15 good two-parent years which was better than both my sib’s.

My husband and I were in the church youth group together. I know, I know. It sounds sickeningly sweet but I thank God every day for the incredible security I have, being married to a strong Christian Man. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and well, can’t lie – he’s a total babe. He has an ambition that I couldn’t even explain to you because I don’t really understand it myself. We were married on March 21st, 1997…. We were kinda young.

(Update: my seemingly perfect husband left our family to pursue a homosexual relationship with a gentleman he met at the gym. For anyone who has ever had the rug pulled out from under them, well, sign me up for the club. My life is changed forever and I choose to live my life for God’s glory, not matter the cost)….

Even though we swore that we would wait to have children, we had our daughter in the spring a year later. We were a bit embarrassed when we announced the “news” but she is a terrific kid and if I had to go back a do it over again, I wouldn’t change a single thing! She is earnest and sweet, loves walruses (~~no explanation~~), she’s a smarty-pants (as in, she doesn’t ever use homework passes because she can’t bring herself to not do her homework!) and totally gorgeous. I’m still coming to grips with her utter beauty which is now even more noticeable since she has become a little fashion-ista too!

With a little more intentionality, we waited to have our son. Four years later, we got our stinker. He cried from the moment he was born until he was about 6 months old. He is dirty every day from some fantastical adventure and is down-right, stinking hilarious. A huge Elvis Presley fan (~~no explanation~~). He is the cuddle-bug I prayed for and has a perpetual twinkle in his eye that makes me perpetually raise my eyebrow in response.

I have spent most of my adult life as a worship leader in different churches. I was given the most awesome gift of being able to lead worship for 10 years at my home church. This means that my kids have been able to go to church, and grow in the Lord with their grandma and grandpa (my mom and my step-dad) and their OTHER grandparent (josh’s Dad and his step-mom) and all of our siblings, their spouses and their kids and even other family members. Worshiping as an extended family …there’s no words to express my gratitude.

Finally, and on a much more shallow level:

  • I like to dress up and wear lots of jewelry,
  • I half-fake-bake almost every home-cooked meal,
  • I hate onions (with a fierce passion),
  • I am addicted to Sudoku,
  • I’d rather watch something I’ve seen a hundred times than something new,
  • I have a ridiculous fear that crickets will jump on me
  • I am a newly single parent and my soul overflows with hope anyway.

So there you have it. A little bit about me and my family.


4 comments on “About Me (Not “About this Blog”)

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  3. Great explanation of your fam – whom I love. AND there IS an explanation to the walrus obsession 😉 I’ll take the blame.

    • the pics are all so nice too! (When you get a chance, I need a good of one D……(One of these things is not like the other one)

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