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I’m sorry.

I have spent a good portion of these past few years thumbing my nose at blogs. I only liked the style of blogging -made famous in the movie Julie and Julia- because it had a clear purpose with a clear end date. Nowadays, it seems like so many people want aimless and purposeless thoughts swirling around cyberspace. Admittedly, I actually live that way in real life, always thinking that my thoughts somehow must be heard by anyone with ears. So it only makes sense that I jump into the blogging arena, after asking for forgiveness first.

So what’s my angle? Every good blogger needs a shtick ….My name is Sarah (Aguirre) Graham and I am the poor, little, rich, white Mexican. This title is obviously tongue–in-cheek since by its very nature, contradictory at every turn.

I grew up very poor (I am talking about financial resources here) in a Mexican family hopping from apartment to apartment. As a kid growing up in Orange County, everyone had more money than I did, at least, that’s what it felt like. Now that I am married and have children, I have climbed up a few rungs and would be considered by some as “rich”. I live in a 4 bedroom house in the ‘burbs; a full-fledged member of middle class… rich. (Note, I have always been rich in “love”)

“White” refers to my ambiguous “culture.” Yes, I am that Mexican who can’t speak Spanish even though my parents are both bilingual. I know I am not alone in my shame but regardless, I HATE that I don’t speak Spanish. I am fair skinned and most people would never take me for a Mexican. My brother always teased me by labeling me “adopted.” He and my sister look like normal Latinos (dark hair, dark eyes, and dark skin) but I am fair, with medium brown hair and hazel eyes. To top it off, my husband is a Cali boy with blond hair and blue eyes. People must just laugh and laugh when my blond kids say that they are half-Mexican.

I am neither rich, nor poor, nor white, nor Mexican (to any great level). As for the “little,” well….I am short but that’s the only “little” thing about me.

The purpose of my blog is to muse over life through the eye-gate of one who is all of the above and none of the above and to figure out which is the best way to raise my two kiddos. Rich? Poor? White? Mexican?….they all are good and bad. Maybe I can find the best parts of it all and pass it on to my children. We will see.

UPDATE: after a year of blogging and feeling a sense of completion, God impressed it upon me to keep my blog open. I didn’t know why but the purpose was clear. Don’t Stop Writing. A month or so after my year goal ended, my world was changed forever. My sweet husband had an affair with a gentleman he met at the gym. He has chosen to pursue that relationship and has left me and the kids to live alone. You’ll notice that I changed the name of my blog from “the Poor Little Rich White Mexican” to “the Poor Little Rich White (Pressed but not Crushed) Mexican.” This is intentional. God is working in mighty and miraculous ways. So in my obedience to Him, to keep this blog, I share my new life experience with the world. It is very controversial because of the homosexual element to my story. It is not my intent to offend but rather, be real. thanks for joining me in my journey.


4 comments on “About This Blog

  1. A great endeavor! I look forward to thinking it through with you. It seems like so many good people I know grew up poor, and yet, was it the poverty that made them turn out well or something else…

    • It must be an age old question…

  2. I don’t follow any blogs, but this one…I will be faithful =)

    • i will only post once a week so it shouldn’t be too much of a commitment. 🙂

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